Ice Mage


Fishing Mode Treasure Capsule: raffle item available at the shop

Shop: Style Items

Gender - Female

Female Hair - Frizzy Female Hair - Long Tied

Female Face - Naive Female Face - Reserved

Female Undies - Cute Black Shorts Set Famale Undies - Cute Pink Shorts Set

Male Hair - Spikey

Male Face - Fainthearted

Male Dye - Grey

Male Undies - Red Striped Boxers

Shop: Special Items

1 Treasure Capsule 10 Treasure Capsules 20 Treasure Capsules 40 Treasure Capsules

Fish Bait +30 Fishing Rod 7 days

Lunar Bait +40 Lunar Fishing Rod 7 days

Tackle Box Slot +10


Guild Charter: 97 -> 67 Astros Female: 97 -> 67 Astros

  • on sale for limited time.


Ranking Chart: Now shows the name of the Ranks and icons instead of numbers Screenshot Thumnails: Newly added screenshots are shown as thumnails on the Main page. Click +More to see more screenshots.



1. After a match, one player from the winning team is randomly selected for a special prize (+ Peso bonus). 2. Amount of Peso earned that shows up at the end of a match will also show Lvl Up Peso bonus 3. Peso bonus for a Consecutive Win (CW). +20% bonus for 2 CWs, +10% per additional CW (max. 100%). 4. Quest bonus (Peso/EXP +20%) is now applied to Deathmatch, Boss Raid, and Prisoner Modes

Faction Battle

1. Faction Point (FP) is now calculated daily and winning side of the day takes additional FP 2. Faction Battle Time now applies to 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern ~ 10pm Pacific/1am Eastern (10am~10pm server time). 3. A Faction Team's contribution to their side is now the average of the FP earned. (Contribution to your personal FP stays the same - all of the FP you earned from the battles, not the average) 4. A penalty will now apply if you leave a Faction Battle once it begins


1. Boss Raid: When you get K.O.ed by a Boss and you've never been a Boss in that match, the Boss's Gauge stays the same and will not increase. 2. Boss Raide & Prisoner: When a match ends, the camera will stay on the player who got the final kill.

Game Play

1. Gear Drop Skill (ex. Boxing Champ's Champion skill): Success rate now varies depend on the number of players on both sides. (Same number of players on both team - 100% Success, lower chance of success if your opposing team has less number of players) -only applies to Gear drop rate, other effects like damage/rigidity apply the same

2. Your upgrades will now apply to the gears that you picked up from the ground. (ex. If your Iron Kight's helm skill is +30, your Iron Knight can pick up other Hero's helm on the ground and still keep the +30 upgrade)


1. Players are encouraged to be polite and friendly with one another. Campaign slogans are shown everytime you enter HQ/Plaza/battles. 2. Rank Up/Hero Level Up: will be announced in-game. (1LT or above/Hero Lvl. 40 or above) 3. Preferred Mode selected from the Battle List will be saved. 4. Option to hide Yell: /yelloff to hide, /yellon to show Yell. 5. Kick: the reason is shown why you were kicked from the battle.

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