12/17 Christmas Update - Patch Note


Hero Viking Raider

Mode Crown Control

Maps Sky Castle Crystal Rift

Plaza Sky Castle

Shop: Style Items Female Hair - Twin Tail Female Hair - Babydoll Female Face - Blank Female Dye - Grey Female Dye - Indigo Female Undies - Athletic Blue Shorts Set Male Hair - Stylish Male Face - Disgruntled Male Dye - Indigo Shop: Special Items Name Changer

GACHA Grim Reaper 30hr Grim Reaper 10hr Kage Ninja 10hr Viking Raider 10hr EXP+100% 1 day Peso+40% 1 day Upgrade Reset 1 item Lunar Fishing Rod 1 day Lunar Bait 20 items Megaphones 100 items Megaphones 10 items Name Changer

SPECIAL OFFER Customer Appreciation Event

BUG FIXES 1. Fishing Rod & Timed items can now be properly used. 2. Undistributed Faction Point Reward will be calculated and reimbursed

MODIFICATION Female item purchase will now give you a +10 Upgrade Points instead of Peso bonus. This applies to Female items that were purchased before the update as well.

LIMITED TIME CONTENTS 1. Christmas Tree: Click it once a day to receive Peso bonus. 2. Gift from Battleground: For each hour you spent in a battle/Faction Battle, you'll receive a random gift of either Treasure Capsule(s) or Peso. 3. Crown Control mode: the Rudolph Hat substitutes the Crown for the Holiday season.

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