2/25 Update - Patch Note

Hero Space Trooper

Female Style Items Braid Hair Lime Hair Dye Striped Athletic Black Shorts Set

Male Style Items Emo Hair Lime Hair Dye Baby Blues Face

Special Item Custom Guild Logo

Gear Weapon Chest Perma Weapon Chest

Epic Gears Epic Sapper Mines Epic Icicle Staff Epic Raider Axe Epic Shot Gun

Treasure Capsule Grim Reaper 30hr Musketeer 2hr Dark Shaman 10hr Taekwon Master 10hr Taekwon Master 2hr Grim Reaper 10hr Dark Shaman 2hr Captain Hook 2hr Upgrade Reset 1 item Lunar Fishing Rod 1 day Lunar Bait 20 items Megaphones 10 items EXP+100% 1 day Peso+40% 1 day

Gear Enchanter Modification -By using a Gear Enchanter players now have the chance of upgrading their permanent Epic Gear by:

  +1 : 55%
  +2 :  5%
  +0 : 40%

changed from its previous rate of:

  +1 : 40%
  +2 : 20%
  -1 : 40%

Interface -Gift Inventory alert was added to remind the players to accept the gifts before they expire.

Bug Fixes 1. Players are now able to change/equip their Epic Gears at the end of a match when the result screen is up. 2. Search time for a Faction Battle match has increased twice as much. 3. Cyber Medic's Heals now generate 20% more Effort than before. 4. Saved name for screenshots and videos have changed. 5. Faction Battle now has Rank restriction for entering/invites/team creation (SFC Class 1). 6. Video recording option was added (MPEG1/MJPEG)

  -MPEG1 by default. If recording fails then we suggest MJPEG format.

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