Patch Note 3/25

Mode Crusade


Citadel Floor 1 (Easy) Citadel Floor 21 (Medium) Citadel Floor 41 (Hard)

Female Style Item

Parted Ponies Hair Tight Black and White Set Blue Dye

Male Style Item

Warrior Hair Swollen Eyed Face Blue Dye


Golden Token


Helm Chest Perma Helm Chest

Epic Gears

Epic Sapper Helmet Epic Trooper Helm Epic Golden Handcuff

Treasure Capsule Prize

Angelic Wings 30 days Justice Defender 30hr Howling Blades 10 days Captain Hook 2hr Howling Blades 10 days Taekwon Master 2hr Justice Defender 10 hr Priest’s Biretta 2 days Musketeer 2 hr Golden Token 10 items Lunar Fishing Rod 1 day Lunar Bait 20 items Megaphone 10 items EXP+100% 1 day Peso+40% 1 day

Additional Changes1. Now you have a chance to fish up following items: -1 Gear Chest -1 Golden Token -10 Golden Tokens 2. After Tutorial ends, [Join Crusade] button will take you to Crusade battle. 3. Upgrade Reset items are removed for the time being. They will come back in the shop as Peso items.

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