Patch 1900: 1. Bug Fixes

A. PC Cafe Bonus will no longer be applied at the end of a match. B. Bankrupt Hero Support - text modified C. Game Start Launcher will automatically close when you close the game and log out of your OGPlanet account. D. Language Bug We're still working on figuring out the language issue that some players are experiencing. For now, if you see strange characters instead of English in the game please set your PC language option to English (United States) and set Language for non-Unicode programs to English.

Keep us posted on our Bug Report forum if you keep having this problem.
2. Prize Giveaways
Prizes were given out to all eligible CBT event participants and grand prize winners. If you did not get a participation prize, you might not have met the requirements. To all Closed Beta testers: Exclusive CBT undies were given out to your Shadow Assasins so check them out! Unfortunately, if you did not log into Lost Saga before Nov. 1 you were excluded from the undies offer.

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