Crusade Mode is the Lost Saga version of PvE (Player vs Environment). In this mode one must fight skeletons who were defeated in Faction Battles. One must kill them to allow them to let them rest in peace, since they are fighting against there own will. You are given 6 bronze tokens which each recharge slowly,if you have gold tokens then the gold tokens may be used as bronze tokens . Each level is set up to have 20 floors and every 5 floors there is an Un-dead mini boss. To play Easy, Medium, or Hard mode, you must give away one token. Here is how much each stage requires:

Easy Mode:0 Bronze Tokens

Medium Mode:1 Bronze Token

Hard Mode: 2 Bronze tokens.

This is to prevent farming to much exp off of the modes. If you die in a mode you may be able to resurrect by using Gold Tokens. For ten gold tokens you must pay 17 astros which is the equivalent of 1.7 USD. You may also find Gold Tokens in Treasure Capsules which cost 10 astros which is the equivalent of 1 USD. Gold Tokens may be found in fishing. You may find one gold token or ten gold tokens by fishing. Remember astros are available for free in free astro surveys.

In crusade some modes may be completed without Gold tokens and one is impossible to complete WITHOUT GOLD TOKENS. Easy Mode and Medium mode are completable without gold tokens. Take notice that most people say medium is impossible to beat without tokens, this however is a lie as I have beaten it before with a team not on token was used. Hard Mode can only be completed by gold tokens, no matter how many medics you have. No matter how cheap you are, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT without the use of Gold tokens. ( I have updated some pictures of hard crusade so please click on the category Hard Crusade to see how crazy it is. I also have the examples of what rewards you will obtain from it.)

Rank Requirements for each mode:

Easy Mode: None

Medium Mode:None

Hard Mode: MSG Class one