Epic Gears are special gears which allow you to further customize your hero. With an epic gear you could put a Fire Mage's hat on a pirate. However you may not put another heroes's weapon, with a hero that does not correspond to the weapon.

Here are a list of the current Epic Gears:

Epic laser gun

Epic Taekwon Gloves

Epic Iron Long Sword

Epic Gigantic Hook

Epic Western Revolver

Epic Flame Staff

Epic Cyber Syringe

Epic Savage Sword

Epic Robin's Bow

Epic Sapper Mines

Epic Icicle Staff

Epic Infantry Rifle

Epic Assassin Claws

Epic Crescent Blade

Epic Boxing Gloves

Epic Raider Axe

Epic Ninja Daggers

Epic Shot Gun

Epic Iron Breastplate

Epic Hook's Coat

Epic Western Wear

Epic Berserker Jerkin

Epic Robin's Tunic

Epic Ice Robe

Epic Infantry Camo

Epic Assassin Garb

Epic Defender Tights

Epic Boxing Trunk

Epic Musketeer Uniform

Epic Taekwon Dobok

Epic Adventure Outfit

Epic Reaper Robe

Epic Cursed Hat
Epic Iron Helm Epic Cowboy Hat

Epic Berserke rHelm

Epic Sapper Helm

Epic Ice Hat

Epic Infantry Helmet

Epic Trooper Helm

Epic Bamboo Hat

Epic Defender Mask

Epic Dragon Hat

Epic Viking Helm

Epic Ninja Mask

Epic Musketeer Tricorne

Epic Taekwon Headband

Epic Lolipop Headband

Epic Reaper Horns

Epic Golden Handcuff

Epic Fire Cape

Epic Cyber Booster

Epic Robin's Quiver

Epic Infantry Backpack

Epic Trooper Jetpack

Epic Dragon Scroll

Epic Boxing Trophy

Epic Viking Shield

Epic Ninja Scarf

Epic Taekwon Sign

Epic Chaotic Doll

Epic Hunter's Camera

Epic Grim Scroll