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Lost Saga is an action MMO.Lost Saga is an incredibly unique 3D Fighting MMO published by OG Planet. Gameplay-wise, Lost Saga plays out a lot like games like Rumble Fighter and Splash Fighters, with two exceptions – it’s a lot more chaotic, and much more fluid. Think of Lost Saga as a 3D super smash brothers MMO (with more chaos), and some interesting MMO elements. Choose from one of over nine playable ‘heroes’ ranging from the generic fantasy ‘Fire Mage’, to the more modern gun-wielding ‘Infantryman’, and duke it out online with up to 16 players at once across numerous game modes.

A Brawler Like no otherEdit

Lost saga is a fast paced brawler mmo, like no other. This game is very unique because unlike other brawler games you can change your class when you desire. This allows you to make different combos and not be limited to just one class. Except for Getamped 2 because it is animated in a different style.

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